Burnham Law has offices in Erie, Colorado and Denver, Colorado. Our focus is representing clients in the areas of Divorce and Family Law. Each area of practice is highly focused and specialized as they are often intertwined with the other, and our commitment to these areas of representation are shown throughout our website.

Who We Are:
We are Litigators, Counselors and Advocates. We are who we say we are.

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Perhaps the most important factor in hiring a law firm is value…excellent, knowledgeable and effective legal representation at a reasonable cost.  But what is “excellent, knowledgeable and effective legal representation?”  When I think about what a prospective client is faced with…uncertainty…I cannot help but feel overwhelmed for them.  They are in a highly emotional place, most often have a lot at risk or at stake, and are faced with the daunting task of making an important life-decision (choosing an attorney) that will have long-lasting ramifications for the rest of their lives.

Every lawyer’s website claims that the lawyer is “special,” right?  Most Family Law and Criminal Defense lawyers are not special.  In fact, most are average, below average or downright atrocious.  Laziness, indifference and fear are common traits of the vast majority of lawyers practicing in these areas of Colorado law. It’s just the reality that you are faced with as a prospective client and it’s better to know that now than when it’s too late and the judge issues an Order that alters your life forever.

So, how do you compare lawyers or law firms?
Your review their website.  You compare them on www.Avvo.com. You review independent testimonials.  You narrow the pool of possibilities to 2-3 and then you meet with them in person.  You compare hourly fee rates, level of experience, see if they are interested and committed to you successfully achieving your goals, and by all means never settle for a lawyer or law firm that seems “good enough” but isn’t “exactly what you need.”

Why choose The Burnham Law Firm?
If your research perhaps led you here, then you were either referred by a former client or you read reviews and/or testimonials about our services.  We consider ourselves unique in that we are passionately committed to helping our clients achieve their goals.  We are tenacious in this regard, and are both skilled negotiators and trial attorneys.  Our truth is reflected in the client testimonials published on this website and client/attorneys testimonials published on Burnham Law Avvo Page. We are honored by these recommendations and testimonials, and proudly accept our place amongst the top-tier firms.  The fact that we are not a “divorce machine” with hundreds of lawyers only proves the point that quality is better than quantity.