Bankruptcy And Divorce


“Bankruptcy And Divorce In Colorado Family Law?”


The relationship between a Colorado Divorce and a Colorado Bankruptcy are like a marriage with a husband and wife:  if respected it is a harmonious relationship and if disregarded it will create pain unlike anything you have before experienced!


Understand this:  Bankruptcy is handled in Federal Court.  Divorce is handled in Colorado District Court.  When they clash, Federal Court wins.  So don’t let them clash!


It is virtually impossible to explain the nuances of handling a bankruptcy and a divorce without both boring myself to sleep but, if I did, it could take up hundreds of website pages.  Burnham Law and it’s lawyers handle both divorce and bankruptcy because Todd Burnham knew that clients needed the service.  There is nothing worse than having to go to three lawyers for a divorce (divorce lawyer) with the spouse alleging domestic violence (criminal lawyer) when you have a lot of debt (bankruptcy).  Those are the three main areas that we focus on.


The important concept to understand about bankruptcy is TIMING.  That and understanding that you can file bankruptcy and have no creditor liability but you can still be responsible to your former spouse for the debt.


Don’t even waste your time and begin to think that you can Google the answers on this one.  One false timing or transfer and the results are brutal.


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