Who Gets the House in Divorce?

When the division of property is a point of dispute in a contested divorce, the marital home can be a big point of contention. When it is – and when divorcing parties are unable to come to an agreement about who gets the home, it will be up to the family court to resolve the […]

What to Do When a Spouse Won’t Sign Divorce Papers

At the beginning of a divorce in Denver, exes will have to sign the initial divorce petition in order to kick off (and proceed with) their case. Here’s a look at what happens when an ex refuses to sign these divorce papers. What Can I Do If My Ex Won’t Sign the Divorce Petition/Response? After […]

5 Tips for Keeping a Denver Divorce as Amicable as Possible

The end of a marriage can be a difficult, stressful and confusing time. While the end of a marriage may have been marked by fighting and contention, however, the divorce does not have to be. In fact,  when couples are able to keep things civil and work together, it may be possible to resolve their […]

How to prepare for divorce court

Understanding the major legal milestones of the divorce process is vital to reach the most efficient and streamlined outcome possible in divorce court. Consulting with a reputable family law attorney may be an important part of the process, even if you ultimately decide to proceed without representation. Step #1: File the initial paperwork. First, you […]

The complete divorce process

There are many steps in the divorce process, including filing a petition, service of process, response, temporary orders, negotiation, trial, and receiving your final divorce decree. On average, you can expect the divorce process to last about a year. However, it could be quicker if you go through an online divorce and can agree on […]