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Former 19th District Judge Ryan Kamada Joins Burnham Law

Burnham Law is thrilled to announce the hiring of former District Court Judge Ryan Kamada. Having served on the bench in the 19th Judicial District, Kamada brings a wealth of experience that will be invaluable to the firm and to our clients.  During his... read more

Top 5 Mistakes People Make in a Custody Battle

Authored by Todd Burnham 5. Emotion People are too emotional in custody battles and emotional reactions hurt cases.  I understand that this is very personal, and emotional, and scary.  I get all that.  My mother was a social worker and helped people daily.  We help... read more

Common Law Marriage in Colorado

Authored by Todd Burnham Colorado is but one of a handful of US states that recognize Common Law Marriage – you are considered married despite not having had a ceremony or official marriage certificate.  Common-law marriage is more than mere cohabitation.... read more

Colorado Child Custody

Authored by Anthony Doss and Benjamin HirshfieldFor a long time in Colorado, following a divorce, the mother would typically receive full custody. This was in large part because of the stereotypical gender roles of the mother being the stay-at-home parent while the... read more

What are the Most Common Divorce Mistakes?

Top Five Mistakes People Make in a DivorceAuthored by Todd Burnham1. They don’t hire an effective law firm.It is a critical mistake to hire an ineffective attorney. Close to 50% of our current clients are people who didn’t use an attorney during their... read more

How Fathers Can Win Custody

Authored by Todd Burnham How can a father get full custody of his child? The key to a successful Colorado child custody case is strategically applying the law to the set of facts.  This is especially true when we are dealing with custody for fathers.  The analysis is... read more

Divorce Decree Modifications

Authored by Anthony Doss and Benjamin Hirshfield Once a divorce is final, can it be changed?In most cases, yes. Generally speaking, there are three areas in which a divorce decree can be modified: maintenance, child support, and parental responsibilities.Modification... read more

Aggressive Divorce Lawyers

If you ask 10 family law attorneys, I suspect seven out of 10 will say Burnham Law is aggressive in its client representation. I would agree to a certain extent, but we should clarify what “aggressive” means. We have a case right now out of Denver and the... read more

The Strategic Divorce

Before we get into anything related to strategy, we have to narrow the scope of what we are dealing with here.  Contrary to a common misconception, the practice of divorce and family law is highly specialized and incredibly nuanced.  There are rules, rule exceptions,... read more