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How are College Expenses Handled in a Colorado Divorce?

Although many assume college expenses are a part of child support obligations, that is not the case in Colorado.  Unless otherwise agreed, Colorado child support obligations terminate when the child reaches the age of emancipation, or nineteen (19) years of... read more

What are the Requirements for Divorce in Colorado?

Like many other U.S. states, Colorado is a no-fault divorce state.  Accordingly, there are several important factors to keep in mind when considering a dissolution of marriage (divorce) action in the state of Colorado.  Because there is no fault... read more

Domestic Violence: Critical Steps to Becoming a Survivor

Domestic violence does not end when you leave.  In fact, it can be the most dangerous time.  Planning ahead for that step can increase the odds of success and decrease the odds that the abuser can do more harm. The most dangerous time: When you LEAVE Leaving... read more

Marital Agreements – Pre-Nups & Post-Nups

Let’s be honest.  The last thing that any couple wants to discuss is a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement (“marital agreement”). It’s a conversation fraught with anxiety, but also one that requires pragmatism and logic. If you or your spouse have brought up a... read more

What Is The Divorce Process in Colorado?

All divorces are different.  Some are completely uncontested, while in others, only a few things can’t be agreed upon; sometimes every aspect of the case requires intense negotiation, and eventually litigation.  Despite these differences, all divorces... read more

What Is Mediation And Why Choose It?

Parties to a divorce or child custody action are often referred by the Court to mediation in an attempt to resolve their disputes short of having a trial.  Often times these referrals are mandatory and the parties must at least attempt to mediate their disputes... read more

Enforcing Court Orders

You’ve successfully navigated the legal maze of getting a divorce or an allocation of parental responsibilities.  You have, either by settlement or after a hearing, gotten orders from the Court detailing your rights and responsibilities.  It should be over.... read more

Enforcement Of Child Support

Help! How Do I Get Money In-Hand for Unpaid Child Support and Extraordinary Expenses? Success!  You’ve received an Order from the Court that requires your Ex to pay you child support each month, as well as an Order that your Ex pay some percentage of costs for things... read more

Divorce And Finances

When people think about divorce and their finances, they start by trying to figure out how they are going to survive day-to-day life. You may be used to living as a two-income family. You may be a stay-at-home mom or dad who supports your spouse as he/she works hard... read more