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Aggressive Divorce Lawyers

If you ask 10 family law attorneys, I suspect seven out of 10 will say Burnham Law is aggressive in its client representation. I would agree to a certain extent, but we should clarify what “aggressive” means. We have a case right now out of Denver and the... read more

The Strategic Divorce

Before we get into anything related to strategy, we have to narrow the scope of what we are dealing with here.  Contrary to a common misconception, the practice of divorce and family law is highly specialized and incredibly nuanced.  There are rules, rule... read more

Who Gets the House in a Divorce?

Who Gets the House in a Divorce? When the division of property is a point of dispute in a contested divorce, the marital home can be a big point of contention. When it is – and when divorcing parties are unable to come to an agreement about who gets the home, it... read more