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What does the court look at when determining custody? It’s actually pretty
straightforward: 14-10-124 of the Colorado Revised Statutes. It’s all about
the best interest of the children. There are no presumptions.

What judges rely on

They have certain factors that they’re looking at. They're going to rely on
testimony. They’re going to rely on investigations. They’re going to rely on
everything at their disposal to determine simple facts: What’s in the best
interest of the child, and who is best suited to have the most parenting time
and decision making ability.

It’s completely data driven

The court goes into all of those things, so when you start thinking about
what it looks at, just look at the facts. It’s completely data driven and
unemotional. Which parent is best suited to placing the child’s needs above
their own?

Look at the text messages between the parties. Which one is putting the
child’s needs in front of their own? Which one is using the child to their
advantage to cause the other parent pain? Courts don’t like things like that.
Follow 14-10-124 of Colorado Revised Statutes, and you’re golden.