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Custody disputes in and of themselves are very difficult and very stressful
for parties to go through. But what happens when one parent throws a
wrench into the situation and decides to move to a different state, and
specifically to relocate the child to a different state?

What happens if your co-parent moves to a different state

Don’t stress. There are certainly arrangements out there that will provide
you as much time as possible to spend with your child or children in the
event that your co-parent moves to a different state. Courts are very
cognizant of the fact that it is very important for parties to share parenting
time as equally as possible, at least under most circumstances.

What can you expect?

So when the co-parent moves to a different state, you can expect, for
example, to have extended weekends. You can expect to have a larger
chunk of time with your children during the summer. You'll be able to travel
to that state to visit with your kids whenever your schedule allows.
The court will be cognizant to make sure that there's not a ton of travel
going on in the middle of the school year, but you will certainly get long
weekends. You’ll also get to spend most of the long holidays with your
There are definitely ways to spend time with your kids if your co-parent
decides to relocate. And keep in mind, Skype, FaceTime, and all of those
video conferencing calls provide additional ways to stay connected.