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We all love social media, right? Especially in times like this, where we are
forbidden from hanging out with our loved ones and our friends. We can
give virtual hugs, we give virtual kisses. It keeps us connected to the outer
world when we are otherwise stuck at home.

What NOT to do on social media

But often, the question becomes, “What should I not do on social media
during a custody case?” Even when we're not in quarantine, are there
things that I should not be putting on social media while I’m involved in a
custody case?
There’s a very short and simple answer to that question: Don’t put anything
on social media when you’re involved in a custody case. Here’s why: Social
media can be a blank canvas for the other side to use against you during
your custody battle.

An example that could derail your case

For example, you could be doing something as innocent as sitting in your
backyard, having a glass of wine at one o’clock in the afternoon. After all,
you need a break, and there’s nothing better to do on this quarantine day.
But that innocent glass of wine can be twisted and turned, making you look
like an alcoholic. You crack bottles of wine every day in the afternoon. In
fact, your kids are in the other room right now, watching you drink. And
then you’re going to drive them to school later.

Of course that is an exaggeration, but as you can see, the opposing side
can and will look for anything negative to use against you during the
custody battle. Keep in mind that going through a divorce is one of the most
stressful times in people’s lives, especially when kids are involved.

What you should do

Do yourself a favor. Take a break from social media and focus on other
things. Like I say to my criminal clients, anything that you say during the
course of a custody battle can and likely will be used against you. So do
yourself a favor. Do your case a favor. Do your attorney a favor, and just
take a break from social media until your custody battle is over. Good luck.