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Boulder Divorce Lawyers

When you are ready to move forward with divorce, knowing what to expect can be important to assuaging your concerns and stresses as you move forward. It can also be crucial to taking the right steps to protect your interests in (and after) divorce.

At Burnham Law, our Boulder divorce lawyers are skilled at helping clients successfully navigate the complexities of divorce. Tenacious and relentless, we can provide you with the advocacy, support and guidance necessary to position your divorce for a favorable resolution.

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Our Boulder divorce attorneys can go over the details of your case and explain your options for proceeding during a free case evaluation. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can be confident that you have effective, vigorous divorce representation.

Until then, check out the following for some essential answers to frequently asked questions about divorce in Boulder.


What Court in Boulder Handles Divorce?

The Boulder County Combined Court (20th Judicial District) is the court that handles divorce cases, as well as other family legal issues, throughout Boulder County. The main phone number for this Court is (303)441-3750, and it is located at 1777 6th St., Boulder.


When Should I File for Divorce in Boulder?

It depends on your circumstances, needs and goals. While a Boulder divorce lawyer at Burnham Law can provide more insight regarding when it’s best for you to file for divorce (i.e., get your case started), in general, it’s advised that you:

• Do not wait to file for divorce if domestic violence, abuse or other issues are threatening your safety or the safety of your child(ren) – In these situations, emergency protective orders (and other measures) can be pursued in order to protect you and your child(ren) as you proceed with divorce.
• Do wait to file for divorce if you want to take some steps to prepare yourself – and protect your interests – before your case gets underway – Some of these divorce preparation steps can include setting up a bank account in your own name, setting up a P.O. Box, and gathering records regarding your marital property and debts.

How Do I File for Divorce in Boulder?

To initiate a divorce case in Boulder, you will need to complete the proper court form(s). The required forms will vary, depending on whether you and your spouse share children (i.e., the divorce will involve children).

While these forms are generally required for divorce with no children, these forms are typically necessary for filing for divorce in Boulder with children. Additional forms and paperwork may be necessary, depending on your needs and situation.

Once the required form(s) have been filed with the Boulder County Combined Court (with the necessary filing fees), the next step will be to serve your spouse with a copy of the divorce petition. Your spouse will then have 21 days to file a response. Whether your spouse files a response within this deadline – and the nature of that response – will impact the next steps in the divorce process.

How Much Will a Divorce in Boulder Cost?

The cost of divorce in Boulder depends on the details of a given case and, in particular, factors like (but not necessarily limited to):

• Whether divorcing parties are proceeding with an uncontested or contested divorce case
• The complexity and scope of the marital assets (including both marital property and marital debt)
• Whether allegations of domestic violence, hidden marital assets, etc. complicate the divorce case
• Whether divorcing parties are able or willing to compromise on some issues in order to facilitate a resolution.

In general, the costs of divorce can be reduced if or when:

• Parties are able to proceed with an uncontested divorce.
• Parties are willing to work together (like in mediation) to resolve the issue(s) of their contested divorce.
• There are no complicating factors (like allegations of hidden assets, etc.) that require additional hearings and/or investigation.

What Do Boulder Divorce Lawyers Do?

A Boulder divorce lawyer at Burnham Law can do a lot for you before and during your divorce case. Specifically, our attorneys can:

• Advise you of your rights, explain the divorce process and clearly lay out your options
• Take care of all of the necessary court filings, paperwork and other administrative work needed to start your divorce case (and keep it moving forward)
• Aggressively advocate your rights at every phase of your case
• Diligently endeavor to help you favorably resolve your divorce.

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