Colorado Springs Domestic Violence

Being charged with domestic violence in Colorado is a very serious matter. These types of charges can have severe career and life consequences, so you should speak to an experienced domestic violence attorney in Colorado Springs as soon as you can about your case. At The Burnham Law Firm, we have a diverse set of legal professionals on staff who are experienced in Colorado domestic violence law and can provide you with knowledgeable representation.

Knowledge can be power when it comes to the legal system, learn more about domestic violence laws in Colorado so you will be more prepared for what’s to come.


Domestic violence defined

In Colorado, domestic violence is a “sentence enhancer,” meaning just about any charge can be found as domestic violence. If that happens, the penalties and consequences for the original charge are enhanced. If, for example, someone is charged with misdemeanor assault but is then found to have a relationship with the victim that qualifies under domestic violence laws, that assault charge becomes a domestic violence assault charge.

Domestic violence itself is any act of violence or even a threatened act against a person you have or had an intimate relationship with. It can also include other acts against a person you had or have a relationship with or their property in which any methods of revenge, intimidation, punishment, control or coercion were used. This means, for example, that harming your ex-partner’s pet or damaging his or her property could qualify as domestic violence even if you were not directly violent toward your ex. Your domestic violence lawyer in Colorado Springs can lay out the different ways an act or threat can be classified as domestic violence if you are not clear about why charges were brought against you. Contact The Burnham Law Firm to schedule a consultation with our experienced attorneys in Colorado Springs today.


The role of law enforcement

When domestic violence is involved, law enforcement is required to do specific things when they are contacted. Police have to make an arrest any time they have reason to believe an incident they are looking into involved domestic violence. This is done to ensure the incident doesn’t escalate further after the police have left and is meant to protect the alleged victim. Unfortunately, this requirement also means that the police sometimes have to make an arrest for what may be viewed as a minor incident.

Prosecutors in these cases also have guidelines to abide by. Generally, they will not dismiss or allow a plea down from a domestic violence charge, even if the victim does not wish to press charges or pursue the case any further. This is one of the reasons that having a domestic violence attorney in Colorado Springs is crucial as even if the victim does not wish to press charges against you, the prosecutor will anyway and you need to be prepared to defend yourself.


Penalty enhancements are serious

If you are convicted of domestic violence in Colorado, you will have to undergo an evaluation. They will look at the chances of you re-offending, the risk factors associated with your behavior, and what type of treatment they feel you will need. In many cases, offenders are assigned to one of three different treatment tracks, which range from mild to intensive. Depending on what you are assigned, the treatment can be burdensome and extensive.

The legal penalties range from fines to imprisonment depending on what you were charged with that the domestic violence enhancer was attached to. Although it’s not directly related to legal penalties in a domestic violence case, if you are charged and convicted, this type of conviction will negatively impact any custody matters you are currently in the middle of.


Your rights will be impacted

The consequences of a domestic violence charge go beyond what you will hear at your sentencing. Once convicted, you cannot legally own or posse any firearms. Even if you are not concerned about gun ownership for private use, this may affect your career if you are in the military or work in security or law enforcement. Having a domestic violence conviction on your record will also impact current and future family court proceedings involving your spouse or children, and it can bar you from adopting or fostering any children in your home or working in certain jobs. This is why having a domestic violence lawyer in Colorado Springs on your side for your case is so crucial, as the outcome could affect your life in various ways for years after you’ve been sentenced. This is not an area where you can afford to take any risks.

When you are facing a domestic violence-related charge, don’t do anything without speaking to the experienced team at The Burnham Law Firm. We will help you fully understand the consequences you could be facing and assist you in the navigation of the legal system to work toward the best possible outcome in your case. Contact us today.