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Do You Need an Attorney to Get Divorced in Colorado?

You don’t need an attorney to get divorced. You can use the forms that are available online through the Colorado Supreme Court. You can get through it, but it’s kind of like asking me if you’re sick – do you need a doctor? It depends, right? If it’s a basic case – if you have a cold – then you probably don’t need a doctor. You just have to suck it up and go through it. If this is a basic divorce, then typically, you want some guidance from an attorney but you don’t need one. Now, if you have complicating factors like: disparity in incomes,  or if  you disagree on how to raise your children, or if you disagree as to parenting time… if you have disagreements then, yes, you need an attorney. And I think that’s probably a safe bet. It’s insurance. Attorneys are individuals that also have malpractice coverage. So, if you screw up in your divorce, you can’t sue yourself, but you can sue your attorney if there’s egregious errors. So yes, it’s always wise to hire an attorney.