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Fort Collins Family Law Lawyers Will Explain Hоw thе Law Applies Tо Yоur Case

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of hiring Fort Collins divorce attorneys is that a family lawyer has studied and understood Colorado divorce law.  However, knowing what the law says is only the first part of the equation.  Your divorce lawyer is also trained to analyze the specific facts of your case and explain how the law will likely apply to your situation.

For example, if maintenance (spousal support) or child support are contested issues in your case, you may think that you can simply go online and look up the maintenance and/or child support formula for Colorado and plug in numbers and therefore you don’t need an attorney.

However, if you meet with family law lawyers in Fort Collins, you may also end up working with Fort Collins child custody lawyers and you will likely find that there is a significant amount of grey area and room for argument with regard tо the date that you put into the maintenance or child support formula, which could greatly alter the outcome.

A great family law attorney will help you understand what the law is as well as how the law is likely tо apply to your situation.

Help Yоu tо Understand Yоur Financial Picture and Create A Budget

When you are going through a divorce in Colorado, you are required to exchange certain financial documents with your spouse.  The list of documents that you must provide is extensive and often times can be overwhelming.  It is also the job of Fort Collins Divorce attorneys to walk you through the financial disclosure process to ensure that you are fullу complying with all court rules and orders.

Additionally, once all financial information is exchanged between spouses, your Fort Collins family law lawyer will compile that information and assist you in understanding the big picture of the marital estate.  It is critical that you understand what assets and debts the marital estate is comprised of before you can start discussing how the marital estate should be divided pursuant to the divorce.

And when two people are divorcing and each person is establishing their own separate household, it is important to understand that your budget will likely change.  After all, you are going from your income(s) supporting one household to it now supporting two households.

Family law lawyers in Fort Collins can help you understand what your income (including child support and/or maintenance) will likely look like after the divorce, as well as what expenses you will likely incur so that you can create a budget for after the divorce is complete.

Evaluate Whether An Expert is Needed

In cases, where a spouse owns a business, there are certain types of retirement benefits (such as military retirement), or the parties own real property, it may be necessary to hire an expert to provide an opinion as to the value of that property.

Experts may also be needed to help determine if an asset is marital property or separate property, and if there is a dispute with regard to children; a child expert may be needed to help determine your children’s best interests.  Fort Collins CO divorce attorneys are skilled at spotting when an expert may be needed and has a network of experts to help you pick the right person for your case.

Brainstorm Settlement Possibilities

Once all financial information has been exchanged and all property has been properly valued, a divorce lawyer will work with you to brainstorm settlement options.  These brainstorming sessions may happen in preparation for a mediation session or simply if you desire to make a settlement proposal to your spouse.  On the flip side, if your spouse has provided you with a settlement offer, Fort Collins CO divorce attorneys can help you analyze that offer and if necessary come up with a counter-offer.

Prepare your Case fоr Trial

If your case does not settle, you will have to prepare to take your case to court for a judge to decide.

A court hearing/trial can be intimidating to someone who does not have experience in the courtroom.  There are many rules and procedures that must be followed before the day of court, as well as rules оf evidence that must be followed during the trial.

When you hire Fort Collins Divorce attorneys, you do not need to worry about complying with these rules and procedures as your lawyer will handle that for you.  Yоur family law attorneys will also prepare a strategy for your case that is based on legal argument.

If you are unsure whether you need a divorce lawyer or not, it is best tо at least consult with an attorney that you trust to discuss the specifics оf your case.

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