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Family law comes with many legal issues and situations of varying degrees, which more often than not, bring about emotional, physical, and financial consequences. An experienced family law firm in Colorado is not only essential in positioning your case for the best possible outcome. It’s also critical in preventing conflicts from causing irreparable damage to yourself and your family.

The family lawyers at Burnham Law have the experience and knowledge to help you. We have the training and experience to handle all types of family law cases in Colorado, including divorce, child support, child custody, alimony, post-decree modifications, domestic violence, and child abuse. We combine tenacity with compassion to provide effective advocacy and high-quality representation for a wide range of family legal matters.

With offices conveniently located in Denver, Boulder,  Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins, we can assist many families and individuals through adversity. Contact us today.

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Thank you for contacting Burnham Law. We are grateful for the opportunity to offer free consultations to earn your trust. The requested information contained in this form will allow us to review, evaluate, and preliminarily determine if your family law legal matter is a good fit for both our team and you/your needs. Our firm takes pride in providing excellent legal representation, which starts with knowing all of the essential preliminary facts.

The requested information will be used by Burnham Law to offer free consultations and to both evaluate your family law legal matter and perform our standard, yet thorough, conflict check. We will notify you via email, typically within 24 hours, advising you of the firm’s review of the provided information and whether we are able to proceed and discuss your matter in more detail. If this is an urgent matter (emergency motions pending/required, arrest pending) please immediately call our office at (303) 990-5308 and notify us of the matter’s urgency and we will attempt to expedite our preliminary review.

Excellent, effective, strategic, and successful legal representation is based primarily upon evaluating accurate data. If the opposing party’s data is missing (financials, etc.), the law allows for processes and procedures, which lead to us receiving and ultimately evaluating the “big picture.” We are then able to develop a successful strategy, implement a plan of action, and immediately thereafter move forward.

The information requested below is critical for both the preliminary free consultation/initial evaluation (with conflict check) and subsequent cost-effective legal representation. The information you provide is confidential, and it remains confidential if it is later decided that Burnham Law is not going to represent you in this matter.

This is a results-driven law firm that equally emphasizes value-based representation. We are thorough, strategic, and aggressive when necessary. And it all begins with you taking the time to invest in your case. If you do, this free initial case evaluation will help you move forward with more knowledge and you will be better suited to be your own advocate. Knowledge is Power!

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