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Greenwood Village Divorce Attorneys

The Greenwood Village lawyers at Burnham Law have been providing comprehensive divorce representation to those throughout Arapahoe County (and Colorado) for more than a decade. Strategic, skilled and tenacious, we can provide you with the support, guidance and representation you need to:

  • Protect your rights and interests during (and after) divorce
  • Avoid missteps that could add to the expense, delays and/or stresses of your divorce
  • Achieve your goals in divorce.

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We are ready to discuss your situation and provide you with free answers – and priceless advice – regarding your divorce options and how to proceed. The following also provides some generally helpful answers regarding divorce in Greenwood Village.

Should I File for Divorce in Greenwood Village or Somewhere Else?

Your situation, needs and goals will determine whether filing for divorce in Greenwood Village (or somewhere else) is the best option for you. In general, it is advisable to file for divorce in the county in which you live. So, if you only (or primarily) reside in Greenwood Village, you will likely want to file your divorce case with the (18th Judicial District).

If, however, you hold residences in multiple counties (or states), you may have options to file in any of those regions (as long as you fulfill the associated divorce requirements). In these more complex circumstances, Burnham Law can go over the details of your case and explain which county or state will better serve your interests in divorce.


What Can I Do to Prepare for a Greenwood Village Divorce Case?

If you have time to take some divorce planning steps – and if waiting to file for divorce won’t threaten your health, safety or finances, there are plenty of things you can do before filing in order to protect your interests and potentially facilitate your upcoming divorce. Some of these things include (but are not exclusive to):

  • Setting up a P.O. Box – This can provide you with a secure place to receive any mail regarding your divorce. It will also prevent an ex-spouse from finding and/or throwing out your important mail (regardless of whether that correspondence is related to your divorce).
  • Establishing a bank account and a line of credit in your name alone – This will ensure you have access to money after you file for divorce. If you only have a joint account and/or joint lines of credit, you can run the risk of your ex draining all of your financial resources, which could complicate a future divorce case.
  • Closing joint lines of credit – This will prevent an ex from maxing out your joint credit lines, which is another common tactic used to limit financial resources and turn the pressure up on an ex in divorce.
  • Compiling financial documents and records – This can include any documents related to your separate assets, business assets, marital property and/or marital debt. Some examples include bank account statements, tax records, property deeds and titles, credit card statements and loan documents.
  • Meeting with an experienced divorce lawyer – A seasoned divorce attorney at Burnham Law can point out any other steps that may be important for you in the divorce planning process (like obtaining temporary custody or support orders). Of course, if you are unable to prepare for divorce, you can simply contact Burnham Law for help with everything related to preparing, filing and resolving your divorce petition.


How Long Does It Take to Finalize a Divorce in Greenwood Village?

A divorce in Greenwood Village can last anywhere from 90 days (i.e., the minimum mandatory waiting period for a divorce decree in Colorado) to months or longer. In general, the duration of a Greenwood Village divorce will depend on factors like (but not limited to):

  • Whether the divorce is uncontested (i.e., spouses agree on all the issues) or contested (i.e., spouses disagree on at least one issue)
  • Whether the divorcing spouses are open to compromise and mediation
  • Whether children are involved in the divorce
  • The nature and complexity of the marital property
  • Whether other complicating factors are involved (These can include anything from questionable prenuptial agreements to allegations of hidden assets or domestic violence).

The more complex the issues associated with the divorce are – and the more unwilling either party is (or both parties are) to compromise – the longer it generally takes to resolve a divorce.

Should I Consult a Greenwood Village Divorce Lawyer Before or After I File for Divorce?

Contact a Greenwood Village divorce attorney at Burnham Law as soon as you need answers regarding your divorce case. You can contact us before or after you have filed a divorce petition in Arapahoe County. The sooner, however, you contact and retain us, the sooner you can be sure that you have an aggressive, experienced lawyer in your corner.

Get Strategic, Aggressive Divorce Representation: Contact a Greenwood Village Divorce Lawyer at Burnham Law

A Greenwood Village divorce lawyer at Burnham Law is ready to talk about your situations and your best options for dissolving your marriage. For a free, no obligations consultation with us, call (303) 990-5308 or email our firm.

Known for providing excellent, effective representation in divorce and other family legal matters, our attorneys balance tenacity with compassion to guide clients through adversity and help them secure the best possible outcomes. Testimonials on this site underscore how our service and representation has made an enormous difference in our clients’ lives.Family legal issues can be as emotionally distressing as they may be financially costly. The sooner these issues can be resolved, the sooner you and your loved ones can start the next chapter of your life.

The Greenwood Village family lawyers at Burnham Law fully understand just how serious and important it can be to favorably resolve family legal issues. That is why we are committed to representing clients in a range of family law matters, from divorce and support payment cases to child custody cases and post-decree matters.

With more than a decade of experience practicing family law, our attorneys have the skills and acumen to effectively represent you in any family legal matter.