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Highlands Ranch Divorce Attorneys

The end of a marriage can be a distressing and confusing time. Knowing how to protect your rights and interests as you proceed with divorce, however, can be central to empowering yourself and setting your case up for a favorable resolution.

At Burnham Law, our lawyers are experienced at representing clients in various types of divorce cases. Strategic, aggressive, and highly skilled, we can guide you through every step of the divorce process. We can explain your options and advocate your rights as we work to help you achieve your goal(s) and the best possible outcome.

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Our lawyers are ready to discuss your situation and answer your questions as soon as you reach out to us. In the meantime, we encourage you to explore the following for some helpful answers to common questions about divorce in Highlands Ranch.


What Are the Requirements for Divorce in Highlands Ranch?

The two requirements that have to be met in order to be eligible to file for divorce in Highlands Ranch are:

  1. The ground for divorce – The only ground for filing for divorce in Highlands Ranch is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.
  2. The residency requirement – You or your spouse must have resided in Colorado (and not necessarily in Highlands Ranch) for at least 90 days to meet the state residency requirement for divorce. Please note that this residency requirement for divorce applies to all municipalities and counties in the state.

If you do not meet the residency requirement, you can pursue a legal separation in the interim (converting that to a divorce once the residency requirement has been met).


How Do I File for Divorce in Highlands Ranch?

Filing for divorce starts by completing the proper court forms and filing them (with the required court fees) with the Douglas County Courthouse (18th Judicial District). Its main phone number is (720) 437-6200, and it is located at:

4000 Justice Way, Ste. 2009
Castle Rock, CO 80109

Different forms are required if your divorce involves (or does not involve) children and if you need to seek emergency or temporary orders (like an emergency protective order or temporary child custody orders). The lawyers at Burnham Law can clarify which forms are required for your case and needs.


Should I Do Anything before I File?

There are various things you can do before filing for divorce in order to facilitate an upcoming case – and protect your interests as you proceed. Some examples of helpful divorce preparation and planning steps include:

  • Opening up bank accounts and a P.O. Box in your name only
  • Closing joint credit cards and establishing a line of credit in your name only
  • Compiling records related to your marital assets and/or debts
  • Changing your account passwords (like email account passwords) and emergency contact information.


Please be aware, however, that:

  • You should NOT wait to file for divorce if you and/or your children’s safety is in danger (due to abuse or domestic violence). In these cases, taking action to protect yourself and your children should be a top priority.
  • You do NOT have to complete these steps before contacting or retaining a lawyer. In fact, an attorney can advise you of any additional steps to take (prior to or while filing for divorce), based on your situation, needs and goals.


How Is Divorce in Highlands Ranch Resolved?

The process of resolving divorce cases will depend on the nature of the case at hand. Generally, however, the following can be part of the divorce process:

  • Court hearings
  • Mediation
  • Parenting time courses
  • Discovery and litigation.


It’s not uncommon for the Douglas County Court to order mediation before scheduling a divorce case for discovery and litigation. This is typically done in an effort to promote out-of-court resolutions (which can be more amicable for divorcing parties), as well as to relieve the court’s caseload.

If or when mediation fails, divorce can be set for discovery and litigation, which culminates with a final divorce decree from a family court judge.

A Highlands Ranch divorce lawyer at Burnham Law can provide more insights regarding how your case will like proceed in light of the issues or factors at play.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

A divorce lawyer at Burnham Law can be your trusted advocate at every point during the divorce process. While our attorneys always provide custom representation, tailored to a given client’s needs and goals, some of the things we commonly do to help our clients during divorce include:

  • Partnering with our clients to get a clear understanding of their situation, needs and goals
  • Strategizing with them to develop the right game plan for proceeding with divorce
  • Relentless protecting their rights and interests in and outside the courtroom
  • Providing effective advocacy that empowers them and positions their divorce case for the best resolution possible.

Let us tell you more about how we can help you in divorce during a free, no obligations consultation.

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