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Thank you for contacting The Burnham Law Firm, P.C. We are grateful for the opportunity to offer divorce attorney Denver free consultations to earn your trust, and the requested information contained in this form will allow us to review, evaluate, and preliminarily determine if your family law legal matter is a good fit for both our team and you/your needs. Our firm takes pride in providing excellent legal representation, which starts with knowing all of the essential preliminary facts.


The requested information will be used by Todd Burnham and associates to offer divorce attorney Denver free consultations and to both evaluate your family law legal matter and perform our standard, yet thorough, conflict check. We will notify you via email, typically within 24 hours, advising you of the firm’s review of the provided information and whether we are able to proceed and discuss your matter in more detail. If this is an urgent matter (emergency motions pending/required, arrest pending) please immediately call the Office at (303) 990-5308 and notify us of the matter’s urgency and we will attempt to expedite our preliminary review.


Excellent, effective, strategic, and successful legal representation is based primarily upon evaluating accurate data. If the opposing party’s data is missing (financials, etc.), the law allows for processes and procedures, which lead to us receiving and ultimately evaluating the “big picture.” We are then able to develop a successful strategy, implement a plan of action, and immediately thereafter move forward.


The information requested below is critical for both the preliminary divorce attorney Denver free consultations and initial evaluation (with conflict check) and subsequent cost-effective legal representation. The information you provide is confidential, and it remains confidential if it is later decided that The Burnham Law Firm, P.C. is not going to represent you in this matter.


This is a results-driven law firm that equally emphasizes value-based representation. We are thorough, strategic, and aggressive when necessary. And it all begins with you taking the time to invest in your case. If you do, this free initial case evaluation will help you move forward with more knowledge and you will be better suited to be your own advocate. Knowledge is Power!


The attorney-client relationship is not established until you and I sign a Legal Representation Agreement, but the information you provide is indeed confidential…so provide the truth.


Once the executed Initial Matter Evaluation Form is electronically submitted, we will immediately review the submission as noted above and we will contact you as soon as possible for your divorce attorney Denver, free consultation. We understand your urgency. Do not hesitate to call the office to receive updated estimated review completion timeframes.


Take your time. Do it once and do it right. If you do your part then we will better be able to do ours! Here we go:


General Information

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* Date of Birth

* Opposing Party’s Attorney (if any)

Children of the Marriage (Names, Dates of Birth & Current address)

Specific Matter Information

New Case or Existing Case

Case Number and County

Any upcoming hearings scheduled?

* Briefly explain what you may need advice about or assistance with today (Divorce, Custody, Post Decree Modification, etc.)

* Is the Wife Currently Pregnant

Date of Marriage

* County and State of Marriage

Date of Separation (if applicable)

* Any Restraining Orders (If yes provide name of restrained party, case #, date, etc)

* Is the Department of Humans Services currently involved or has it been involved in the past

Employment Information


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* Gross Annual Pay

* Date Last Worked

* Member of the Armed Forces (If so, please state Branch of Service and Rank)

Opposing Party:

* Employer

* Job Title or Occupation

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* Gross Annual Pay

* Date Last Worked

* Member of the Armed Forces (If so, please state Branch of Service and Rank)

* Please list any and all current and past attorneys and law firms associated with your case, including those who have represented you or opposing party.

Attorney Fees – Retainer

The Burnham Law Firm, P.C. requires a $5,000 retainer prior to proceeding with representation. Depending on the complexity of the case, this retainer is likely to be depleted and will require replenishment.

In the event you wish to retain The Burnham Law Firm, P.C., and based upon our thorough approach to our clients’ legal representation, it is important that you understand the necessary financial costs associated with our legal representation. Such costs and fees vary based upon the complexities of each case but may include additional costs and fees for expert reports and/or testimony. Attorneys and team members’ hourly rate sheets are available upon request.

* Based upon this information, do you have the financial ability and/or third party financial support available to you in the event you wish to retain this law firm?

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NOTICE: This office does not represent you with regard to the matters set forth by you herein in this INITIAL MATTER EVALUATION until both you and the Firm enter into a Legal Representation Agreement and the Initial Retainer has been paid.

Your electronic signature acknowledges only that you received a copy of this completed information sheet and does not reflect an agreement by either yourself or the Firm to enter into any formal Attorney-Client Agreement. You acknowledge the same by executing below.

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