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Divorce Planning


For individuals considering legal separation or divorce in the state of Colorado, Burnham Law provides pre-filing strategic divorce planning and counsel. This is a great option, often with a lower required retainer, in many common situations:

  • You aren’t emotionally ready to make a life change but you know you have to be prepared;
  • You suspect your spouse is preparing to file but they have not yet done so, and you know you have to be prepared;
  • You need to rehabilitate some behaviors that may look unfavorable from a parenting or financial standpoint and you know you have to be prepared;
  • You are considering making a change and you want to see what your case looks like (parental responsibilities, property division, maintenance, child support, etc).

Divorce Planning is all about strategy. We analyze your case and give you a roadmap to success.

The more you know about your options and what to expect before, during and after your divorce, the better equipped you’ll be to make difficult decisions and manage your stress level. Our attorneys have represented thousands of divorce cases in Colorado. We have specialized resources for individuals who have experienced domestic abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, or suspect infidelity. You’ll learn about what to expect if you opt for mediation, how custody and parenting plans are determined, the process for dividing property, family assets, and debt, and shaping legal strategies that work for you.

Burnham Law has developed a High Net Worth Team with expertise in pre- and post-nuptial agreements, asset evaluation, trusts, and other complex financial arrangements along with the respective tax implications.

The family law attorneys at Burnham Law have decades of experience helping clients navigate both the legal and financial challenges of divorce planning. Contact Burnham Law today.

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