“Looking For Divorce Mediation In Colorado?”


Before a Permanent Orders Hearing is carried out, Colorado law typically requires the matter to be heard by a mediator.  This give the parties an opportunity to settle their disputes without court intervention, and can be a much quicker process to finalizing your divorce; it is also usually a less expensive way to go


What many people find ironic is that judges will often counsel the parties in a divorce that a mediated settlement is better than a court-ordered decision. 


This is because the parties to a divorce are much more informed on their lives and their respective circumstances than a judge will ever be, and if they can find a way to work through their disagreements, it is better for everyone – including their children, if any.  In the end, you will typically save time and money going through mediation, and move on faster with your new life.


Ask your attorney if they will conduct a mediation on your behalf, or if they know of good mediators to work with.  While many mediators are also practicing attorneys, they are not allowed to give either party legal advice during the course of the mediation. 


Therefore, it is highly advisable that you still engage your own attorney to review whatever proposed settlement was reached, to make sure that you are still protecting yourself.


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