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Military Retirement Benefits


The division of military pensions and/or allocating payments under the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) in divorce cases can be a complex and often inexact process. A number of factors can influence this process including active duty vs. retired, whether one or both spouses served, dates of service and more. Burnham Law has a team of attorneys and paralegals with expertise in military benefits including pensions, survivor benefits, the TSP and VA benefits.

What will happen to my military benefits after a divorce?

Military pension benefits are part of the property that needs to be divided in a divorce. Your Burnham Law attorney will help you determine the full value of your “disposable retired pay” and help you understand your options for how to divide these funds.

Your Burnham Law attorney can also help you navigate jurisdictional headaches and work out child custody and parenting plans when one or both parents are in active duty.

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