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Parenting Coordinator / Decision Maker (PC/DM)

Parenting Coordinators

In-House Parenting Coordinator/Decision Maker

Ryan Kamada

Ryan Kamada

(Former District Judge)

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When parents struggle to communicate following a divorce or entry of a parenting plan, a Parenting Coordinator may be appointed by the court to provide parents with advice and help parents make decisions regarding their children. A Parenting Coordinator’s role is to facilitate communication, provide advice, and to assist parents in interpreting the existing court orders. A Parenting Coordinator does not have the authority to make decisions. Rather, he or she assists with problem solving and helps to improve communication between parents.

The goal is to ​keep parenting disputes out of court​ and to give them more control over parenting  decisions. In high conflict cases, the court may order the appointment of a Parenting Coordinator, or both parents may agree and sign a Parenting Coordinator Agreement.

Decision Makers

Decision Makers are appointed by the court only upon the agreement of both parents, and parents  must sign a Decision Maker Agreement. Decision Makers, unlike parenting coordinators, interpret  the existing parenting plan and are authorized to make binding decisions, which are filed in writing with the court. The benefit of having a Decision Maker is that parents can quickly resolve parenting conflicts without going to court. Decisions are often made verbally and later filed with the court in writing.

This is another method by which Burnham Law can help parents avoid the emotion and expense of court litigation. Contact Burnham Law today to determine if this service is right for you.