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Client Testimonials

Stephanie Randall is my attorney and she has been fantastic. I knew she was just the right person to deal with my difficult divorce and my difficult divorce. She’s calm, cool, and collected while taking no baloney from my husband and his attorney. She fights like crazy for me, tells me when I’m being ridiculous and keeps the costs in mind. I’m beyond satisfied with my experience. She’s been great!! I have a fantastic advocate with Stephanie.

Kristin S

Todd Burnham is among the top Boulder divorce attorneys in Colorado. His aggressive and strategic nature make him the best choice for anyone going through divorce, mediation or any other child custody, support or family law matter. I would highly recommend Burnham Law over anyone else in the Boulder divorce law arena.
Marshall A

I had an excellent experience working with JP Prentiss at Burnham. He was easy to contact, followed through with requested assistance, and diligently reviewed, explained, and advised me on the paperwork. He was easy to work with and provided the support and ease of mind during a difficult time.
Heidi H

Rosie Rizk and her team at Burnham Law have been great to work with! Everyone I’ve had to communicate with has been helpful. I am beyond grateful for the speedy guidance I received in my situation, along with the attention to the details of my case. I will recommend this firm when I can.

Kayla R

Stephanie Randall is the BEST. Incredible lawyer and person- she clearly cares about her clients. Her paralegal Donna is fabulous as well! You can’t go wrong with these two! #forthewin

Shannon W

Jennifer Scott encompasses professionalism, knowledge, integrity, passion, rationality, and her presence in the courtroom is unparalleled. Jennifer helped me navigate a complex cross-border custody battle, and she has my infinite endorsement.

No one wins or loses in a custody battle, the best possible outcome is to walk away knowing that you were well represented. Jennifer Scott is the absolute best. Never settle for less over the things that mean the most. Thank you Jennifer, your dedication is inspirational, your poise is poetic, and your impact will forever contribute to my life forward.

Nooks R

Eric has helped myself and my family through a very stressful and challenge time of our lives. When it comes to an APR, experience really does matter. Eric’s many years of experience has been a key to myself feeling very comfortable through the good times, the bad times, and the highs/lows that inevitably come associated with a family law case. 
Eric knows the laws very thoroughly and his experience shined above and beyond the level of opposing counsel. There is always a fear of accessibility when hiring a lawyer at a big firm, but Eric has been easy to communicate with, and kept me in the loop at every step of the way. If anyone is experiencing a difficult or challenging family law case, they should not hesitate to work with Eric.

Stephanie helped me with some very difficult and tricky issues post divorce. She and her legal assistant Donna were always very attentive to my needs and the unique circumstances of my case. I was very grateful to have them on my side.

Karl F

I cant say enough good things about this firm and in particular JP Prentiss, counsel representing me in my divorce proceedings. He was always accessible, unlike a lot of other attorneys out there. He also was able to negotiate a beneficial settlement, that I was very happy with. We were able to come to a resolution pretty quickly in what seemed in the beginning to be an impossibility. I was amazed at how professional and efficient JP and his team were from start to finish. They made a very challenging time in my life, a whole lot easier. Thank you to the team at Burnham Law Firm, and JP. I highly recommend him for those looking for the best representation in the entire state!


Burnham Law is who you want on your side for legal representation. They are sharp, strategic and efficient. In my case, opposing counsel was clearly intimidated and I was extremely pleased with the process.

Peter B

Stephanie Randall and Donna are truly WORLD CLASS!!! I can’t say enough about how phenomenal this Law group is. From the first moment I spoke to Mr. Burnham himself I knew I had found the best legal team in town for my family law case. I was told that they would handle my case as if it were a chess match and just like Bobby Fischer they performed with the skill of a Grandmaster. Thank you sooooo much from the bottom of my heart!

Eric H

Aaron Belzer with the Burnham Law Firm is an absolutely outstanding, first-rate attorney. Insightful, strong, articulate, with deep integrity. He has great heart, warmth, and magnetism. Brilliant writer. Top strategist. He has made the most profound impact I think a person could make on my life and the lives of my children…I am immeasurably grateful for what he has done for my family.

Christian B

I am extremely grateful that I retained The Burnham Law Firm to assist me with my recent divorce. I am specifically grateful for my wonderful attorney, JP Prentiss who represented me throughout that arduous ordeal. JP is an excellent attorney who is knowledgeable, timely in communication, thorough, confident, and most importantly, ethical. He was in my corner every step of the way, fought to get me what I needed and to expose what needed to be exposed. I will always appreciate his efforts, sound advice and professionalism. I highly recommend this law firm and in particular, JP to anyone looking for that “notch above” attorney.

Angie M

Rosie is truly a lawyer that represents not only her clients to the fullest extent, but every single aspect of a case. Always communicating, very open and honest with my case, and fought “tooth and nail” to make sure I received almost everything I was entitled to in my divorce. There’s a reason I went with the #1 Divorce Law Firm and it’s because of Rosemary Rizk!

Joseph H

Heidi Whitaker gave great advice and understood the law and exact implications better than a majority of lawyers. I had some specific time constraints that if were not adhered to would be quite expensive. Heidi understood (actually she informed me of them and was an expert on navigating them) and kept me informed the whole time. I wholeheartedly recommend her and Burnham law.

Daniel P

Talented attorney, incredible results!

I had the pleasure of having Lisa Frigo represent me in a child parenting case. I was at once impressed with her professional and caring demeanor. She made me feel like I had her undivided attention and kept me updated with any changes or progress with my case. She handled a very emotional and personal matter with care and the outcome was better than anything I had imagined. I am now afforded the parenting time and decision making in my sons life that I did not think was possible.

Ty S

I first hired Laurie Joe (Formerly Hurst) in 2010 and have continued to use her over the last 9 years when needed! She is AMAZING!! I was completely in the dark regarding my divorce, my kids and my options. After meeting with her, I had a clear understanding of the court procedure, my options, and the correct way to move forward. She always takes the time to make sure to answer all my questions, be hopeful but honest with me and make sure I feel good about moving forward! She supported what I wanted/needed 100%. I feel completely confident with Laurie! I would highly recommend her.
Thank you Laurie so much for your kind-heart, wisdom, and guidance over the years!

Molly H

I am truly glad I retained the services of Jessica Lasky for my case. She assisted me through a very challenging situation with the utmost professionalism and kindness. Throughout the process Jessica exhibited superior knowledge. She was always available to answer my questions. She is an exceptional attorney that resolved my case with a dismissal. Justice finally prevailed. I am free of this burden, able to live my life and pursue a future. While I want to put this whole tribulation behind me and hope never to use her services again, I have no desire to lose contact with Jessica as a person. I would highly recommend Jessica Lasky and the entire team at Burnham Law.

David G

On recommendation, I hired Laurie Joe, formerly known as Laurie Hurst, as my family law attorney to file for divorce. It was complicated and difficult, but nothing was insurmountable for her. She represented me well, always with integrity, wisdom, understanding, insight, and necessary research done. Even after the divorce, as issues continued with the other party, her dedication did not change. In the five plus years I have known Laurie as my attorney, she has always been professional, kind, my advocate, and readily available. Inside the courtroom, she is well-prepared, quick to respond, and gets results. Outside the courtroom, she is equally impressive. I highly recommend Ms. Joe as an attorney.

Lily C

Mary is simply amazing. She is logical, told me what was reasonable and not, communicated with me via phone, text and email (even at the most inconvenient times), timely, professional, creative, assertive, and extremely knowledgeable. She gave me confidence in my case. She was able to achieve everything I wanted in my case, plus more. She explained everything to me without “law jargon,” told me where to put to put my foot down and where I could be more flexible to ensure a relationship between my daughter and ex-husband. She ensured that what I was doing was best for my child and possible next steps to take. She was able to talk to me in a personable manner, making me feel like I wasn’t just a client. Mary truly cares about her clients, the children involved and the outcome that’s best for everyone. She was able to be compassionate and understanding about where I was coming from, the possible outcome and what to proceed with. I would recommend her to anyone and would use her again in any future legal issues.


I cannot say enough about the Burnham Law Firm and Jennifer Scott and her staff. Jennifer and Todd Burnham were able to navigate me through a very tough, high-conflict divorce. Jennifer Scott is a true professional who is very savvy and truly cares about the outcome for her clients. Through the Burnham Law Firm, I was able to move forward with my life in a positive direction after a very tough divorce. I can’t express enough how fortunate I was to have Jennifer and the staff of the Burnham Law Firm on my side.

Gary S